Creator Merch

Support the Parliament! Showcasing amazing artists and creators of NFT merch. More being added, so check back!


Check out this amazing metal work being done by McKRuSHin. Artfully crafted from a combination of steels, metal treatment processes, and finishing techniques, these are true pieces of art to showcase your NFTs. Who will be the first to commission a Moonbird?
Contact on Twitter @N39DESIGN


How can you not love these crocheted Moonbirds? I'm amazed at how delvalle.eth has been able to create the MB traits...I have no idea what crocheting is or how she creates these, but I've loved them since I first saw good!
Contact on Twitter @delvallecrypto


Not all creators deal with physical goods, and these incredible animations from @markmograph.eth are a great example of digital creations. The creativity and execution of these animations is perfect, bringing your Moonbird to life and giving them each a unique pesonality. The cool part is that after creating the animation, they will be minted on OpenSea and available for you to add to your wallet!
Contact on Twitter @MarkMograph
More creators coming soon! If you are a creator and would like to be features, contact me on Twitter @_genmerch