Why Generational Merch?

Generational Merch is a nod to the often-heard Twitter comment about NFT's leading to - or missing out on! - generational wealth. (It's also a play on 'gm', which I thought was pretty clever.) Maybe your NFT's have brought you generational wealth, or maybe not. Either way, I want Generational Merch prints to be proudly displayed in your homes for years - and generations - to come!

Can I print someone else's Moonbird?

No, you can only print your own Moonbirds.

Can I print other NFT's, like AI Nightbirds?

Maybe. I am happy to consider any Moonbird-related NFT for which you have high-resolution artwork and the rights to create prints. Please contact me if there is another project that you'd like to have printed.

Where does the QR code point to?

The QR code points to the public profile for your bird.

If I don't like the proof, do I lose my money?

No, you will not have to pay for the print until you approve the proof. If you don't like the proof, I am happy to discuss any changes that you'd like to see. Or you can decide not to order...no problem!

What changes can I make to my proof?

Changes to the design will be limited to minor edits. These may include adjusting the spacing, eliminating empty ('none') traits, or adding your name to the poster. I want you to love the design and am open to feedback. Unfortunately, I cannot make changes that will affect the overall aesthetics or layout.

These prints are a little expensive, aren't they? Are there cheaper options?

Yes they are, and yes there are. I have selected the print media to produce high-quality prints that you will frame and display in your home for years to come, not disposable posters. I also offer Standard quality prints that are available at a lower cost.

What is the difference between Standard and Premium quality prints?

Premium prints use a micro-textured photographic paper with a medium reflectivity and contrast, providing rich colors and a high-quality appearance, best for displaying your Moonbird.

Standard quality prints are printed on a lighter weight semi-gloss paper stock, more typical of posters and large-format prints that are widely available. Standard prints are a great way to showcase your bird at a lower cost, expecially when framed and behind glass/plexiglass.

Will I receive the pre-print arwork file?

If you want to re-print or order your print from another services (for example, if you are not in the US or want to re-print at home), I can provide the digital files (jpeg) for your print at a lower cost. Please note that this is not the source file for the design artwork and can not be edited for other Moonbirds.

Will I need to connect my wallet to verify my Moonbird?

No. By accessing and providing the vector artwork, you prove that you are the holder of the Moonbird.

How will payment be made?

Payment will be made via credit card or PayPal after approving the proof.

Why don't you accept crypto as payment?

I'm not a web developer, so I don't want to be responsible for connecting with your wallet holding your valuable Moonbird. If you wish to make a direct eth transfer as payment, contact me.

Are there any plans for NFT collections beyond Moonbirds?

Yes! I would like to expand the prints offered to other NFTs that fit the Generational Merch brand, and that include high-resolution artwork and the rights to print your NFTs. Each will be uniquely designed to align with the aesthetics of that collection. For now, the focus is on Moonbirds.

What about digital?

Yes, I can provide a digital asset along with any print that is ordered for display in a digital frame. Please ask when ordering, but note that digital frames come in a huge range of sizes, proportions, file formats, and resolutions that I may not be able to generate from the pre-print artwork without modifications. Let's talk.

Still have questions? DM me.