Custom Moonbirds Merch

Generational Merch

High quality custom merch for your Moonbird.

Gen Merch is set up to provide the best experience for Moonbirds holders and make sure that you're happy with your print before you commit to the purchase. This means a little more work for me upfront, as you may request changes or decide after seeing your proof not to order.

That's OK.

To provide the best service for you, I will be limiting the allow list for Moonbirds prints to 10 holders at a time. When the list is full, the form to request a proof will be closed until existing orders are fulfilled.

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Creator Merch

Generational Merch is not affiliated with Moonbirds. I'm just a Moonbirds holder (#8209...hoot hoot) that wanted a beautiful print of my birb to display. While there other custom NFT posters available, none of them were designed specifically for Moonbirds, so I created my own and want to share it with you.